Reading With Composite Students

Several students from the Composite High School volunteered on Friday November 2 for Citizenship Day.  They came to Avondale and our students had the opportunity to read with the high school students.  Many grade one students were also able to display their reading skills, reading books from their black book bins to their high school buddies.  In the picture below we have 2 grade one boys reading with their buddy sitting E.E.K.K.  Way to go boys!



We have been experimenting with patterning using manipulatives, paper and pencil, stamps, the smart board among other things.  This week some students were making patterns using shapes.  Below are two photos of their learning.  When they talked about their pattern they explained that they had used the shapes to make numbers and then made a number pattern, shape, and color pattern.  WOW!

Showing Number

In math class we have been learning how to show number.  Students can show number in the following ways:

  • dot patterns
  • numeral
  • word
  • ten frame
  • tally
  • set/collection of objects
  • number sentence (addition/subtraction)

In math class today we broke out the whiteboards and gave it a fresh perspective.

Zero the Hero

Today was our twentieth day of school and we had a surprise visitor for the second time this year.  Zero the Hero was in our classroom and left us letters, handouts to print our numbers from 0 – 20 on and 2 packages of rockets each.  We got to line the rockets up in rows of 10, count by tens from zero to twenty and then eat the candies.  Thanks Zero the Hero.


As the students now know, I love books and I LOVE reading.  It is my favorite free time activity and it is my favorite subject to teach.

While I have an extensive book collection in my classroom, I always feel like I can buy more books for the classroom to freshen up my library.  So when one of the moms from my class asked if I would like some books that their child had outgrown, my reply was  Y-E-S!  I was in for a surprise.

Thank you so much.  This is a wonderful addition to our classroom.  We used them last week during reading buddies and the Disney stories were a hit.

Listening Station

As the students start to master classroom routines and expectations there is more time for some of the little extras.  Last week some boys and girls completed their work early and were able to try out the listening station, or play games while sitting on our special cushions.