3D Snowmen




Mouse Paint

In science class we having been working on a unit about color. So far we have learned about the primary colors, how to mix them to make secondary colors, and how adding black or white makes a color lighter or darker. Our most recent experiment was mixing the primary colors to create the secondary colors. We read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  As we read we added paint to our paper just like in the book, first reviewing our primary colors and then creating our secondary colors.


Tis the Season

Last week we started to decorate for the Christmas season. Unknown to 1Y Mrs. Stewart’s grade 2 class had challenged us to a classroom decorating contest. The tree is up, the garland is hung and there are enough lights to rival Clark Griswold. We may not win, but we are definitely in the spirit.


Snowflake Bentley

One of the books we read in class recently was Snowflake Bentley.  In this non-fiction story we learn about a boy who’s greatest wish is to be able to capture photographs of individual snowflakes.  We went to Snowflake Bentley’s website and viewed some of his amazing photographs and made some wonderful ones of our own.

Student Stories

For sharing some students choose to bring in a book for me to read.  Last week a student chose a new book to bring in, a collection of Robert Munsch stories.  She wanted to be the story-teller that day, so from the star of the day chair she read the class ‘Pigs’  by Robert Munsch.